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Week of 7/6 Wrap Up and Sunday Sneak Peek

July 12, 2015 by Scott - Saws on Skates

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The word of the week is LEARN!

I started thinking about doing a blog in January of this year and finally launched it on March 1st. I had know idea what I was getting into. I enjoy creating and building projects, I enjoy writing, and believe it or not, I think writing instructions is fun. The blogging piece seemed simple enough. I had seen enough “start blogging in 10 minutes” to believe it was true. Did I ever have a lot to learn!

It took waaaay more than 10 minutes to set up this blog. It took all of January and February to get it “kinda close” to what I wanted to look like. I finally chose to launch March 1st, so it would force me to get started. I’ve learned a lot during that time and know I have much more to learn.

Then I had to learn how to promote it. I was excited when 50 people visited in the first month. After all, I didn’t have much content to look at. So off I went to research and learn how to generate some traffic.

This week a learned I need to learn more about something else. In my quest to generate more traffic I submitted my Candle Holders from the Scrap Pile to a curated site where they approve or decline all submissions. I was disappointed to learn my submission was declined. Not because of the quality of the project, but because of the quality of the photo I submitted. They said my photo had lighting/exposure issues and image is grainy/unsharp.

How to make Candle Holders - Free Plans

I know I’m not a photographer, but I thought the pic I submitted was pretty good. So the new thing I have to learn? How to take better pics! I’ve already created a new Pinterest board for point and shoot camera tips. I’m going to study and I WILL have my project on that site! Do you have any tips for taking better pics with a point and shoot camera?

The best thing I learned this week is Tim built my Outdoor Beverage Table with a Surprise and his wife loved it!

table comment

Sunday Sneak Peek
If you have been following along with the other Sunday Sneak Peeks, you know this isn’t a birdhouse. Have you figured it out what it is yet? All will be revealed this week!!!

Birdhouse Poop Bag Dispenser pink

Have a good week friends!

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