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Week of July 27th Wrap Up and No Sneak Peek This Week

August 4, 2015 by Scott - Saws on Skates

Did you notice there was no wrap up and no Sneak Peek Sunday evening? Well, I took a personal day from the blog. But I’m back!

I can’t believe it’s already August. It seems like the year and the summer are flying by. I haven’t built anything in a few weeks and I’m itching to get in the shop. I did tackle a few chores that really needed tending to this past week. The first was the “hoarder” loft above my garage. It’s filled with stuff that “I could make that into something” and “that’s too good to throw away.” We all have spaces like this in our homes, right? Please say yes!

I took a few things to the dump on Saturday morning. They just had to go… I couldn’t look at them anymore! And then with the help of my friend Linda we organized the loft Saturday afternoon. It was such a good feeling to get organized. During the sorting and organizing I found more stuff that will go to the dump on my next run. I’m actually thinking of turning the loft into my finishing area. That way I don’t have to paint and stain projects in my dining room. I’m not sure what my dining room table will look like without drop cloths on it! Still lots more work to get the loft to a useable space though.

I also made another batch of pickles. I think that makes a total of 36 pints of pickles so far this season. This time I made the pickles with homegrown Turkish Red garlic from my garden.

turish red garlic

I’m finally getting to finish up another project on the whimsical fence I built last year. When I designed the fence, I envisioned the arbor area with a little stone path. Sunday I tackled that project. I used the Quickrete WalkMaker. I LOVE this thing! I made a patio and walkway at my house and path at Linda’s house with it. It’s easy to use and the results are amazing.

morning glory wall sos

petunia path sos

How to Make a DIY Birdhouse Address Plaque finished 2 sos

While getting ready to make the path, I inadvertently ended up organizing my shed this weekend too. I couldn’t get to my concrete tools/supplies, so everything came out of the shed. Some things were tossed in the garbage and the rest was organized and put back. Here’s a look at the path. I still have a little more work to do. It looks a little square, so think I’ll flair each side of the path out by adding a few stones on each end. I also need to finish edging the beds on either side of the path, but overall I’m really pleased with it.

arbor path
Here’s a bonus pic for you… it’s my garden harvest from this evening 🙂

harvest 8.4

New project instructions are coming soon – I promise!

Have a good week!


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