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Final Sunday Sneak Peek and More Important Announcements

November 15, 2015 by Scott - Saws on Skates

Hey there Skatemates! How was your week? I’ve been doing some plottin’ ’n schemin’ about the blog and the time has come for a little blogkeeping. Ya know, it’s like housekeeping except it’s for the blog lol.

Let me walk you through the changes, strike that, let me walk you through the improvements. First, the “Workshop” tab, will move under the “Free DIY Plans” tab. “Workshop” will be renamed “DIY Workshop Plans”. The original intent of this tab was for workshop plans, so it makes sense to move it with the other plans. “Paints & Stains” will also be relocating to the “Free DIY Plans” tab.

Today will mark the final edition of the Sunday Sneak Peek. Well, unless like one of Cher’s many farewell tours, I decide to bring it back! Why am I ditching the Sneak Peek? Just like Magic’s Biggest Secrets Reveled, I’ll tell you. Over the past few weeks, like Mr. Wizard, I have been conducting an experiment. How about all of those obscure references in one paragraph?!

I’m sure like most people on Sunday’s, you’re all getting ready for the work week, helping kids with last minute homework, ironing a shirt or finishing up your own projects, because when I post on Sunday evenings only a handful of my followers check out the post. No worries, I understand. But when I post during the week, the views more than double! So for this reason, the Sunday Sneak Peek is out!

Don’t be sad… I think I have something will cheer you up. Get ready to adjust your calendars, because the day after Monday is about to get a whole lot more do-it-your-selfie. I’m renaming Tuesday to Tues-DIY! Tues-DIY will feature anything DIY. From updates of projects I’m developing, craft projects from around the web, interesting recipes, garden ideas, holiday inspiration and more. These posts will also feature Tues-DIY Teasers (formerly Sunday Sneak Peeks), plus a new feature. Remember how I said Tues-DIY is going to get a lot more do-it-your-selfie? I want you to send me selfies of the project you’re working on. Get it? Do-it-your-selfie! Snap a selfie, tell us about your current project and I’ll share it with your fellow Skatemates.

I’ll also be adding another new feature and it will also affect your calendar. The day after Tues-DIY will be changing to Workshop Wednes-DIY. Workshop Wednes-DIY will focus on anything workshop related. From setting up a shop, working in a small shop, shop tips, shop jigs to make your DIY project easier and much more.

So what’s changing? Nothing really, everything is pretty much staying the same. I’ll still be creating and sharing my exclusive projects and plans with you, plus I’ll be adding some new special features. And because I haven’t mentioned it lately, thank you so much for following along. I’m glad you’re here with me. I’ll catch up with you on Tues-DIY!


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