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Happy New Year

December 30, 2015 by Scott - Saws on Skates

Hey Friends! Workshop Wednes-DIY is on hiatus for two weeks. It will return January 13, 2016… hopefully with completed plans for a new workshop project! Stay tuned next week for an all new Tues-DIY next week with a complete list of what you can expect for 2016.

Until then, will you join me in my annual New Year’s tradition? Every year at midnight I open the backdoor to let the old year out and then open up the front door to let the new year in. It seems to work… each year just gets better and better 🙂

We’ll chat next Tues-DIY. Have a great New Year’s Eve and be safe. You know what I mean about being safe, right? Not just with your tools, but no drinking and driving.

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Kathryn Wyant says:

    You’re very welcome. I made something similar but used a dado blade on a 4×4 then sanded and painted it to go with the colors in the kitchen. Mine was for cook books but it only worked for some of them. A few were too thick to fit.

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