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How to Replace a Window Screen

May 24, 2016 by Scott - Saws on Skates

Hey there fresh air seekers! There’s nothing better than throwing open a window during those first few days of spring and letting the fresh air in. That is, unless you have a torn or missing window screen. Then there is nothing worse than letting bugs, bees and flies into your house! No worries, because today I’m going to show you how to replace a window screen!

diy wood window completed

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Last week I was telling you about how I needed a new window screen for my bathroom. I built a new window screen frame and shared plans for a DIY wood window screen frame you can build yourself.

diy wood window dimensions

When we left off last time, the frame was complete, but missing one critical thing to make it a window screen… the screen! Today we’ll take that empty frame and install the screen. I’m installing the screen on a new frame, but you can also use this technique to replace a window screen on an existing frame. On a side note, I just noticed the drop cloth I used in this pic looks like Rorshach inkblot test! I’ll have to get a less distracting one for future pics!

diy wood window completed frame

How to Replace a Window Screen

Printed Plan
Click here to download a PDF of the How to Replace a Window Screen instructions

Window screen
.125″ diameter spline

Screen Rolling Tool
Utility knife
Flathead screwdriver

Step 1. Cut a piece of screen larger than the frame opening.

diy replace window screen add screen

Step 2. Start the spline by using a flat head screwdriver to push the spline in the groove.

diy replace window screen start spline

Step 3. Insert the spline by pulling firmly on the spline and using a back and forth motion with the Screen Rolling Tool to push the spline into the groove until you reach the corner.

diy replace window screen firmly hold spline

diy replace window screen insert spline

Step 4. Turn the corner and push the spline on the next side into the groove with a screwdriver. Continue around the frame using the instructions described in Step 3.

diy replace window screen spline corner

Step 5. When you reach the final corner, cut the spline with a utility knife.

diy replace window screen cut spline

Step 6. Remove the excess screen using a utility knife.

diy replace window screen cut excess screen

diy replace window screen finished

That’s all there is to it! Now you can replace a window screen on your own. Just install the frame and your home will be bug, bee and fly free!

diy how to replace a window screen final

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2 thoughts on “How to Replace a Window Screen

  1. Keith Torgerson says:

    How do you keep the screen straight when you put the spline in.

    • Scott - Saws on Skates says:

      Hey Keith – After I initially get the first bit of spline in, I stretch the spline with my left hand while keeping my left hand on the screen to keep it straight. Once you get the first side done and start on the second side the screen pretty much keeps itself straight. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.

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