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Top 10 DIY Projects of 2016

December 27, 2016 by Scott - Saws on Skates

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year friends! As the year begins to wind down I wanted to share with you the DIY posts you enjoyed the most in 2016. But before I get to that I want to thank you for being here with me. I appreciate you stopping by often and joining me on Pinterest and Facebook. Stay tuned… I’m planning lots of projects for you in 2017!

Top 10 DIY Projects of 2016

Number 10How to Sand Your DIY Project for a Flawless Finish
Sanding is one of my least favorite parts of building DIY furniture, but it’s a necessary evil. In this post I shared some tips to sand your project for a flawless finish.

Number 9The Easiest Way to Age Metal EVER!
Some projects just look better with aged metal. In this post I shared how you can age metal with supplies you probably already have in your kitchen. Oh, this post includes a video… be sure to check it out!

Number 8DIY Plug Cutter Makes Pocket Holes Disappear
I LOVE my Kreg Jig, but I’m not in love with the look of exposed pocket holes. No worries, with a plug cutter pocket holes virtually disappear! This post includes a video too… please check it out!

Number 7How to Setup a Miter Saw for Accurate Cuts
If you’re into DIY projects, building DIY furniture or want to get into it, one of the tools you’ll use the most is a miter saw. This post has some great tips to check your saw for accuracy and how to adjust a miter saw for accurate cuts every time.

Number 6How to Decide What Scrap Wood to Keep
Inspired by a message from a follower I developed some guidelines for deciding what scrap wood to keep and what to toss. Also included are some scrap wood project ideas and scrap wood storage ideas. This is a must read if your New Year’s resolution is to keep your workshop organized!

Number 5DIY Folding Workbench
No dedicated work space? Need an extra work surface for assembly or finishing? Need a sturdy work area for a DIY project at a friend’s house? Then you need to build this folding workbench!

DIY Folding Workbench Plan - perfect for a small workshop

Number 4DIY Fliptop Workbench Cart
Mount a tool, like a miter saw on one side, then flip the top and the other side reveals a sturdy workbench. It’s like two pieces of workshop furniture in one! This workshop workhorse becomes even more useful when you add a storage tray.

Number 3DIY Vintage Industrial Chalkboard Shadowbox
Chalkboard leftover from the Ballard Designs inspired Chalkboard Shelf and the style of the Cottage Shadowbox combine to form this vintage industrial style chalkboard shadowbox.

Number 2How to Setup and Use a Kreg Jig
I LOVE the Kreg pocket hole jig and I use it for nearly every furniture project I build. This quick start guide gives great tips to setup and use a Kreg jig. Be sure to check out this post to learn how to fix stripped pocket holes.

Quick Start Guide: How to setup and use a Kreg Jig to make pocket holes - Drill second pocket hole

And drum roll please… Number 1DIY Chippy Paint Look Without Sanding
Love the look of chippy paint? Not a fan of the sanding it usually takes to get that look? Well friends pick up your paint brushes and put down your sanding blocks and electric sanders. This tutorial shows you how to get a chippy paint look in four easy steps, and get this, you won’t need a single piece of sandpaper! Check out the chippy paint finish on this DIY candle holder.

Favorite Project of 2016
Those were the projects you guys enjoyed the most in 2016. Here’s the project I enjoyed building and sharing with you the most in 2016… the Calistoga Patio Garden Cabinet. The design was inspired by an old time pie safe and the need to keep critters out of the garden. This piece was designed for the outdoors, but would also look great inside your home.


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