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Why the heck would you ever want to hand over your email address to some random dude on the internet? You don’t even know this guy!

Well, first of all, I’m not some corporation and I’m not some random dude. I’m a real guy, building real furniture! I’ll care for your email address just like it was mine. I won’t give to anyone – you have my word on it! And I won’t send you junk – I promise! I just want you to know the moment something new has been posted to the site.

Plus, if you don’t have a ton of space (ya know, a big workshop) and you love free plans for original DIY projects I know you’ll feel Saws on Skates is your home workshop away from home.

As a follower you’ll make the cut!

Each week you’ll receive…

Most posts publish on Tuesday, but occasionally a post may be published on a different day.

  • Workshop tips about setting up a workshop, working in a small shop, safety and workshop tips.
  • Paint, stain and finish ideas.

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