Behind the Scenes, Creative Team and Tues-DIY Teasers

Hey there friends! This weekend I was flipping through the pics on my phone and stumbled on two that would have been fun to include in last week’s blogiversary post.

When I decided to start this blog I texted my friend Kirsten and asked her if she would draw a logo a for the site. Kirsten is a graphic designer, an amazing artist and a bit of prankster. Drawn on a post it note, this is the logo she sent me.


To which I replied “Ha! The name of the blog will be Saws on Skates.” In turn she texted back another post it note drawing.


She drew it as a goof, but I LOVED it! Well, except the font. The font was a tribute to a former coworker who was known for her flowery script. A flowery script wasn’t the look I wanted for the site.

While on the subject of fonts, that’s one of the reasons I chose the “Grisaille” theme for my blog. The serif font in the header (where Saws on Skates appears at the top of the page) reminded me of the teeth on a saw blade. I loved the grittiness of it. In fact, I liked the grittiness of the entire theme. It made me feel like if I looked down that I might be standing on a pile of sawdust.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane and behind the scenes look at Saws on Skates.

Creative Team

I’m so excited… my first DIY project for Domestically Speaking’s 2016 Creative Team is live on the site! It’s a pet bed with a recycled drawer look. It was created to look like those recycled drawer pet beds, but I designed it to fit an inexpensive standard size bed pillow. The cool part? It can be built to accommodate just about any size pillow. I would love it if you would visit my DIY pet bed on Domestically Speaking, pin the project on Pinterest and share it on your favorite social media site. Thank you!

dog bed drawer 1

Tues-DIY Teasers

Today is a two-for Tues-DIY Teaser day! I’m putting the finishing touches on an experiment to find the perfect grey stain. Here’s a quick look at the samples.

grey swatches numbered

The second teaser is for this… any ideas what it might be?

sneak peak

Have a good week and stay tuned… the posts for the teaser pics will be published next week!


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