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Week of 9/28 Wrap Up, Sunday Sneak Peek and a GIVEAWAY!

October 4, 2015 by Scott - Saws on Skates

Hey there Skatemates! Happy October! How was your week? It was a busy one here. There’s lots to cover, so lets get started.

Top Projects for September
Once again the top projects for September were the Coffee Can Tiki Statues, Outdoor Beverage Table and the number one project… No Miter Cut Picture Frames! Has anyone made any of these projects? I’d love to see pics of your projects!

New Plans Posted
As promised, new plans were posted this week. The plans are for my easy-to-make DIY Dog Gate. Sure, you can buy these, but why not make your own? It’s easy to customize to the size of your opening by adding additional sections and can be painted to match any room of your house. Check it out!

Featured Projects
I’m so excited… two of my projects have been featured! I mentioned last week that a site reached out inquiring about featuring one of my projects. Well, the site is littlethings.com, the project is the Coffee Can Tiki Statues and the feature is LIVE! Check out the Little Things feature of the Tikis here.

The second project that was featured was the DIY Dog Gate on the Kreg Community site!

Kreg Dog Gate

New Feature
Are you a home improvement show junkie like me? Have you noticed most of the shows now involve major construction projects like tearing down walls, etc.? Who has the time or budget to rip their entire house apart and basically rebuild it from scratch?! Sure, it makes for good ratings, but is it practical?

I have an idea to help fill a niche. In addition to Sunday Sneak Peeks, I want to do “Sunday Solutions”. Here’s what I’m thinking… my gut tells me most of the time a custom piece of furniture would help fix a tricky situation and would eliminate the need to tear apart your house. Custom built is expensive unless we do it ourselves, and of course, we’re here to DIY!

The new feature idea came to me when I was designing a new vanity for a friend’s bathroom. The bathroom is tiny and short of tearing out walls there isn’t an option to make it bigger. Or is there another way? The big box store vanity the previous owners installed was way too big for this space, so what if instead of tearing out a wall, I designed a smaller vanity that fit with the scale of the space. Yes, that was the answer! It will look like a whole new space with a simple change.

I’ll need your help to start this new feature. Send me a pic, or several pics of your tricky space, I’ll share the pic(s) here, followers will comment with suggestions and we’ll come up with a solution for your space. Perhaps I’ll even develop a project plan based on your situation! Let’s get started, take some pics, provide a description of the issue with your space and email it to me scott@sawsonskates.com.

Follow and Win GIVEAWAY!
I’m doing my first Saws on Skates giveaway and it’s easy to win! The prize is one of my most popular projects, a No Miter Cut Picture frame made with solid Cherry wood (mat and artwork not included). Who can win? Any new followers who sign up to follow my blog between October 1st and October 30th. Check out the giveaway details on the follow page.

October 2015 Giveaway

Sunday Sneak Peek
The Sunday Sneak Peek is the bathroom vanity I’m designing for a friend. This isn’t the final version. The sketch still needs some tweaks. I’ll keep you posted as this project develops.

bath vanity


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