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Project Plans, Giveaway and 10/11 Sunday Sneak Peek

October 11, 2015 by Scott - Saws on Skates

Hey there Skatemates! Fall is in the air and the leaves are really starting to change. All of these signs of autumn have me craving a slice of pumpkin pie or a pumpkin ale. Or piece of pumpkin pie with a pumpkin ale!

Project Plans
I was thinking about the blog this week and I have a question for you about projects and plans. Since I started the Saws on Skates in March I have only posted plans for projects that I have built and have pics of the completed project.

I was scrolling through my SketchUp folder and noticed a few plans that I have developed, but have yet to build. Which got me thinking… would you prefer to only see plans that I have built with pics of the finished project or would you also be interested in seeing project plans for which I haven’t built the project yet? I’m inclined to only post projects with completed pics, but I’m doing this blog for my fellow builders out there, so I thought I would ask what you would prefer. Let me know your preference in the comments.

apothecary ISO site

Speaking of comments, don’t be bashful about leaving some. I enjoy reading them and responding to them. Plus I’m a bit of an introvert… did you know introverts prefer communicating by writing? I guess that’s one reason I enjoy writing this blog and despise talking on the phone. And depending on my mood for the day, if I saw you in the grocery store, I might duck down another aisle to avoid talking! But I’m a real chatter box on the computer. So leave me a message folks!


Sunday Solutions Submissions
And while on the subject of messages, last week I detailed the plans for my new feature “Sunday Solutions” where you send a pic of a space where you have a design dilemma, I’ll share it here and followers will offer up ideas for redesigned furniture solutions. I might even custom design a plan for the most popular solution! To get this feature started I need a few pics of troubled spaces, so send me some. E-mail pics of design challenged spaces to scott@sawsonskates.com.

Follow and Win GIVEAWAY

And finally, don’t forget about the October Follow and Win Giveaway! The prize is a Cherry wood No Miter Cut Picture Frame made by me. Chances are you’re reading this because you’re already a follower, so how about sharing the “Follow” page with a family member, friend, fellow builder or even a frenemy and give them a chance to win 🙂

October 2015 Giveaway

Sunday Sneak Peek
I’m working on plans for this project. Any idea what it is?

shelf spacing sos

Have a good week!

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