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Saws on Skates 1st Blogiversary!

March 1, 2016 by Scott - Saws on Skates

Happy March miter cut mavens! It’s hard to believe exactly one year ago today I started this blog! Things have come a long way and I have learned so much.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I started blogging. I simply thought “I’ll share the instructions for the projects I’m working on and people will come check them out.” During that first month I published three how to posts and 56 people visited the site. People were not coming to check out my projects.

I quickly realized I need to drive people to the site, so I researched and learned how to promote the blog. Then I learned I would need to improve my photography skills. And the importance of social media. And the difference between a WordPress hosted site and a self hosted site. And search engine optimization. And graphic design. And a little html coding. And… I’m still learning.

The other thing I learned is I LOVE doing all of this! I love creating projects and writing the instructions for those projects. I love sharing projects with you. I love that you’re here with me reading the posts, giving feedback and asking questions. I LOVE this! On a side note, a hypnotist (with a psychology background) told me I should be writing. It’s long story why I went to a hypnotist, but I can tell you that “I can eat any and all vegetables and any all fruits at any time under any circumstances.” 🙂 The bottom line is the hypnotist was right. I LOVE doing this and I LOVE that you’re here with me on this DIY journey!

There are two other people who I love for being here with me. I want to give a shout out to “Scotty’s Angels”, my behind the scenes Saws on Skates volunteers. My friend Linda has been with SOS from the start. She was there as we took a road trip to IKEA, reviewed a list of possible blog names and finally decided on Workshop on Wheels. That name was taken, so the second choice was Saws on Skates. And even though she’s not a DIYer, Linda listens to all of my crazy post ideas and reviews each post before it’s published proofreading for my typos or word omissions.

A new “angel” addition is my friend Alison. Alison is a DIYer, has impeccable design taste and has volunteered (OK, I actually roped her into it!) to scour the interwebs for amazing DIY projects to beef up the Saws on Skates Pinterest boards. Follow along as Alison builds the boards and will likely find pins that you may never have seen on Pinterest. If you’re not, please follow Saws on Skates on Pinterest. Thank you again to “Scotty’s Angels”… I really appreciate all of your help!

Let’s Celebrate
All month long we will celebrate the Saws on Skates blogiversary. I started celebrating with a little blogkeeping. First, you may have noticed the new, simpler page header. I also updated the about page and I cleaned up the side bar.

While I was doing my blogkeeping I was looking back at all of the projects posted so far and some that I enjoyed the most were the projects made with scrap wood. I’m not quite a hoarder, but I hate to throw useful stuff away. Scrap wood, without a doubt, is useful. So this month, March will “come in as scrap wood and go out as a tablet holder!”

tablet holder close up

March will be a celebration of all things scrap wood. We’ll look at some scrap wood storage solutions and there will be a new scrap wood project that will get you ready to get back into your yard after this long winter. Oh, and I welcome you to share pics of scrap wood projects you created. Send your pics to scott@sawsonskates.com.

Tues-DIY Teaser
Remember the vanity project I’m building for an upcoming bathroom remodel? Well, I’ve made more progress. I just finished the door. Next up is deciding on a stain color, applying the stain and finish, then… installing it in the bathroom!

vanity door assembly 1

vanity door assembled

Thank you again for being here. I look forward to celebrating my 2nd blogiversary with you too! Tomorrow we’ll kick off our celebration of scrap wood. Workshop Wednes-DIY will feature 9 scrap wood storage solutions.

2 thoughts on “Saws on Skates 1st Blogiversary!

  1. Bob W. says:

    Happy blogiversary, Scott! Looking forward to another year of fun and interesting posts.

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