DIY Privacy Fence with a Bamboo Look

Hey there weekend warriors! The warmer weather has me thinking about DIY outdoor projects and hanging out on my patio. The trouble is, I don’t have much privacy out there. Later in the season the lattice panels that surround the patio are covered with lush green leaves and multicolored morning glory blooms, but until that time I feel like I’m living in a fish bowl! So this past weekend I surrounded my patio with a bamboo look DIY Privacy Fence and I’ll show you how you can easily do it in your backyard too!

DIY Privacy Fence after south

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I like the lattice panels that surround my patio, but they don’t provide much privacy. Here are the top goals for this DIY privacy fence project:

  1. Provide privacy, but also must be attractive.
  2. Give the patio a tropical, outdoor bistro feel. I love going on vacation, so why not go on vacation every day on my patio by giving it the feel of warm, sunny locale possibly with an ocean nearby?! I can already hear the waves splashing on the shore!

Here’s how the patio looked when I started…

DIY Privacy Fence before east

DIY Privacy Fence before west

I noticed the bottom rail of the arbor broke off over the winter.

DIY Privacy Fence broken rail

I had a few pieces of scrap pressure treated wood leftover from another project, so I got out my Kreg Jig (I use my Kreg jig for EVERYTHING!) and put a few pocket holes in each end.

DIY Privacy Fence kreg jig

Then I clamped the new rail in position.

DIY Privacy Fence new rail

And attached the rail with a few 2-1/2″ weather resistant pocket screws.

DIY Privacy Fence kreg screws

Once the rail was fixed I turned my attention to the lattice panels. To create a DIY privacy fence with a tropical feel I opted for a roll of reed fencing I got a big box store. It looks like bamboo to me, so from here on I’ll call it bamboo ­čśë I LOVE this stuff!!! I’ve used it for other projects and it takes the feel of any space from ho-hum to tropical in minutes.

DIY Privacy Fence reed roll

First I cut a section of the fencing a little larger than the lattice panel.

DIY Privacy Fence reed cut to size

Then I began to attach the bamboo using my staple gun and 1/2″ staples. Stapling on the thin metal wire of the fencing seemed to work best. First I stapled the left side and then across the bottom.

DIY Privacy Fence stapled

Next I cut the bamboo to length using my Fiskars pruning shears. This stuff is really easy to cut, so this step went quickly. Then I finished attaching by stapling the top and the right side.

DIY Privacy Fence trimming

To complete the look and provide a little more privacy, I installed curtains in the arbor. The curtains were hung on a wood closet rod.

DIY Privacy Fence curtain rod

The side of the arbor that faces the neighbors features pulled back curtains for an inviting look. These are just ordinary indoor curtains that I have used elsewhere around my patio area over the years. If they get a little funky, I just toss them in the washer with a splash of bleach and then they are good to go!

DIY Privacy Fence curtain

The arbor in the patio area features closed curtains for privacy.

DIY Privacy Fence after south

The patio area now has a tailored, warm, tropical feel. One last thing I may do is touch up the staples with a little paint, so they blend into the bamboo.

DIY Privacy Fence after west

Please come back because installing this bamboo look DIY privacy fence is just the start of this patio transformation. Next we are going to build a new garden gate (for additional privacy) and then we’ll decorate the patio with some DIY planters!


DIY Privacy Fence Bamboo Look


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