DIY Wooden Snowman Ornaments (Free Pattern!)

Add a touch of winter whimsy to your tree with these adorable, DIY wooden snowman ornaments. Easy-to-follow instructions and free pattern included!

Crackle painted DIY wooden snowman ornament with red string hanger in the foreground and Christmas tree in the background

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to add a bit of winter cheer to your Christmas tree, I’ve got the perfect project for you: DIY wooden snowman ornaments!

These adorable ornaments are quick and simple to make with this easy-to-follow plan, including a free template.

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Inspiration for These DIY Wooden Snowman Ornaments

I’ve had an antique-style wooden snowman in my ornament collection ever since I can remember. I’m not sure where the snowman came from, but he’s been around so long that he’s practically a family heirloom.

I’ve always loved his rustic charm and crackle paint finish and wanted to create something similar. After trying a few variations, I came up with these festive snowmen ornaments.

My DIY version is nearly identical to the snowman in my collection, but you can customize them to fit your style.

Hand painted DIY wooden snowman ornament with green string hanger

What Tools Do You Need?

Making these DIY ornaments is as easy as it gets. All you need are two common woodworking tools, a scroll saw, and a drill, and in no time, your cute snowman ornament will be ready to hang on your tree!

Scroll Saw

I used a scroll saw to cut out the snowman figure. If you don’t have one, you might be able to use a bandsaw instead.


I used a drill to make the hole in the snowman’s hat for the hanger.

Wooden DIY snowman ornament hanging in a Christmas tree

What Wood Should You Use?

To make my snowman ornaments, I tapped into my reserve of 3mm plywood, which I had leftover from previous projects.

The best part is you don’t need to buy wood. Grab whatever thin plywood material you have. Just about anything from lauan to hardboard will work just as well. I even used scrap pieces of beadboard paneling to make these mitten ornaments.

How Do You Draw the Snowman?

Don’t worry if you can’t draw. I can’t either! But I’ve got you covered. The free printable plan includes a pattern that’ll take care of everything!

Just get the free plan, print the template, and trace it. That’s it!

Close up of a wooden DIY snowman Christmas ornament with a crackle paint finish

How Do You Finish the DIY Snowman Ornaments?

I finished my snowman ornaments with a crackle paint finish and painted their features with inexpensive craft paints.

DIY wooden snowman Christmas ornament on a piece of wood surrounded by green tree branches

How to Make DIY Wooden Snowman Ornaments

Printed Plan

Get the FREE plan here (includes detailed instructions, measurements, and bonus tips)



  • Drill
  • Drill Bit
  • Awl
  • Scroll Saw

Step 1. Cut Out the Snowman Figure

Print the template at the end of the plan.

💡 TIP: When printing the PDF pattern, make sure the scale is set to 100%.

I had some carbon paper left over from another project, so I used it to trace the snowman pattern onto the 3mm plywood. I used a few pieces of painter’s tape to keep it in position while I traced.

Tracing a snowman pattern onto a piece of wood with a pencil

Then, I cut out the shape using my scroll saw.

Using a scroll saw to cut out a wood snowman ornament

Next, I made a hole for the hanger. First, I used an awl to make a starting point for the drill bit.

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Then I used a drill bit to make the hole.

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Drilling a hole for a hanger in a wood snowman ornament

Step 2. Paint the Snowman

First, I applied a coat of Behr water-based wood stain in dark walnut to the snowman’s body.

Using a rag to stain a wooden snowman ornament

Then I applied white chalk-type paint similar to this one to his hat.

Using a brush to paint the hat of a wooden DIY snowman ornament

When the stain and paint were dry, I applied the crackle medium. I used school glue, but you can also use a store-bought crackle medium.

Over the crackle medium, I applied white chalk-type paint to his body and black to his hat.

I painted his face and buttons when the paint was dry. These were tricky to paint with a paintbrush, so I ended up using a magnifying glass and toothpick!

Using a magnifying glass and a toothpick to paint the face onto a DIY snowman ornament

Step 3. Attach the Hanger

I cut a piece of baker’s twine, fed it through the hole, and tied a knot.

Final Thoughts

These wooden snowman ornaments are a great way to add some rustic flair to your holiday decor. They’re perfect for decorating your Christmas tree and make great gifts too.

Get your free plan (including the detailed instructions and measurements) now!

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