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Lots to DIY in 2016

Hey friends! Are you having a great 2016 so far? Things are busy here at Saws on Skates. Last week I shared Part I of my 2016 goals. Today I’m sharing Part II of my 2016 goals and tomorrow I’ll be sharing a new free DIY plan for Workshop Wednes-DIY! Let’s get started with the second part of the goals…

2016 Goals – Part II
I would love to do more videos for you in 2016. What types of videos would you like to see? How to videos for the more popular projects? How to videos for particular tools? Do you have another suggestion? Post your ideas in the comments.

Here’s the how to video for the No Miter Cut Picture Frames

video sneak peek

Printable Plans
After a follower suggested I include a printable plan for the Knockoff Stool, I decided for 2016 to include a PDF for each plan when it goes live on the site. Plans already posted will be revisited and a PDF will be created for those plans as well.

We’ll kick of 2016 by first revisiting the “How to: Build a Wine Cabinet” DIY Plan. Yup, a printable plan is now available for this project! Click here to download a PDF of the Wine Cabinet DIY Plan.

How to build a DIY Wine Cabinet - Free Plans

Exclusive for Followers
For 2016 I want to giveaway an exclusive printed plan to all new followers as a “thank you” for subscribing to Saws on Skates! The plan would not be available on the site, but would be emailed soon after a new follower subscribes. Of course I’ll send the plan to all of my current followers too! I’ll let you know as soon as the plan is finished.

See Something, Say Something
While working to create printable plans for some of the early plan posts I noticed a couple of typos. There were some steps not written clearly and could cause confusion. I also found a few broken links. I want this site to be as error free as possible, so I need your help. If you notice a typo, broken link, measurement error or you’re unclear on an instruction, please send a message to [email protected] and I will work to correct it.

Those are my goals for 2016. Next week I’ll share the top Saws on Skates projects for 2015 and don’t forget, Workshop Wednes-DIY returns tomorrow with an all new shop project! Have a good Tues-DIY and we’ll catch up tomorrow.


  1. Brand new to SOS. Seems like some great ideas. I may be moving and having to give up my 600 sq ft shop. ­čÖü do you have a layout for your shop?

    1. Hi Allan – Thank you for following. I’m sorry to hear about your shop. I haven’t shared my shop layout, but that is a great idea. I’ll add that to my list of topics to discuss. Thank you for the idea.


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