Paint Makes a Small Workshop Feel Bigger and Brighter

Painting a small workshop makes it feel bigger, brighter, more inviting and makes your overall workshop experience more enjoyable.

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Should you paint your workshop? Yes! Painting a small workshop makes it feel bigger, brighter, more inviting and makes your overall workshop experience more enjoyable.
I know what you’re asking yourself. Why should you bother to paint your workshop? For me, I painted to make my workshop feel bigger and brighter. Painting also made my workshop feel finished and more inviting. The paint I used is durable and has a glass-like finish. That glass-like finish helps to make my workshop easier to clean.

There’s one more reason I painted my small workshop. You know the sense of satisfaction you feel when you finish building a furniture project? That feeling when you step back and think to yourself “This looks AWESOME!” That’s the feeling I had after I painted my workshop. And you’ll have that feeling if you paint your workshop too!

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This Paint Makes the Difference

What kind of paint did I use to make my small workshop feel bigger and brighter? I chose a high gloss white paint. Why? The combination of white and high gloss help to reflect light which makes my shop feel bigger and brighter. Plus, the glass-like finish of high gloss paint is durable and makes it easier to clean.

I painted my small workshop just like I would paint any room of my house. I filled any holes with Ready Patch and used Alex Plus caulk to fill any gaps or cracks. Then the entire space was primed with a quality primer and painted with Behr Premium Plus Hi-Gloss Enamel Ultra Pure White paint.

Behr High Gloss paint is used to paint small workshop

Paint Makes Your Workshop Feel Finished

Imagine if we walked into our living room or bedroom and rather than painted drywall we saw bare, exposed studs. Or if we walked into our living room or bedroom and we saw unfinished drywall and tape joints? Wouldn’t this make us feel like our space is unfinished? Wouldn’t it make our space feel uninviting? We certainly wouldn’t want to spend much time in there, would we?

We want our living rooms and bedrooms to look finished, so why wouldn’t we want our small workshops to look finished too? Painting our workshops is a “feel good” thing. It makes our space feel like we’re walking into a finished room, like a living room or bedroom. Painting our workshop makes our space feel like a complete thought.

The crisp, white walls make my workshop feel fresh, comfortable and inviting. This inviting feeling encourages me to spend more time in my workshop and makes the time I spend in my shop more enjoyable.

Feels Brighter

Exposed studs, raw plywood, and unfinished drywall absorb light, but shiny white gloss paint reflects light. Painting my workshop walls high gloss white helps to reflect the light from the LED workshop lights and makes my space feel brighter. The light bounces around the room. Thanks to the glossy paint my small workshop literally glows with light.

Feels Bigger

Even though my workshop walls are not very tall and not very long, the high gloss white paint makes the walls feel expansive. Just a simple coat of paint made my small workshop feel larger and airier. To add to the bigger feel I also painted the door and storage cabinet the same color as the walls. If I had painted the cabinet and door a different color it would have made my space feel smaller. Painting the walls, door, and cabinet the same color tricks the eye and makes the small workshop feel bigger.

Have you ever wondered if you can make a door with your Kreg Jig? You can! This free plan shows how to build a solid wood frame-and-panel interior door using pocket hole joinery.

Easier to Clean

Exposed studs, raw plywood, and unfinished drywall attract sawdust like a magnet. The glass-like finish of the high gloss paint makes cleaning up sawdust a snap. Think about it this way. Let’s say we haven’t waxed our car in a while. When it rains the water just sits on the surface of our car. But then when we wax our car the water beads up and rolls off.

Painting my small workshop with high gloss paint is similar to waxing our car. The sawdust practically falls off the glossy paint. Plus the glass-like finish is scrubbable in the event of any spills or splatters. My workshop not only looks clean but thanks to the slick, gloss paint it’s also easier to clean.

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The high gloss paint isn’t just good for keeping my small workshop clean, but the glass-like finish is also durable. High gloss paint is typically used for painting doors, trim and exterior surface. It’s designed for high traffic areas and surfaces that will see some abuse.

Workshop walls will take a lot more abuse than other rooms in your house, so other finishes like flat and satin are not the best option. It’s inevitable that workshop walls will be hit with falling wood or bumped with a workbench. The super durable finish of high gloss will keep the paint job looking fresh.

Supplies You’ll Need to Paint Your Workshop

More Ways to Make a Small Workshop Feel Bigger

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Final Thoughts

Why should you bother to paint your small workshop? Painting your workshop with a high gloss white paint will make your space feel bigger, brighter, and more inviting. High gloss paint is durable and the slick surface will help make you workshop easier to clean.

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