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DIY Furniture Builders Ultimate Gift Guide – Part II

December 1, 2015 by Scott - Saws on Skates


Happy Tues-DIY! Last week I shared Part I of my “DIY Furniture Builders Ultimate Gift Guide”. Today, I’ll be sharing Part II of the gift guide. Part I focused on DIY Furniture Builders “essentials”. Those are items I considered “needs” like safety items and items that will easily allow someone to get up and building. Part II are what I consider DIY Furniture Builders “wants”. These items will take your furniture building to the next level.

Many of the items mentioned on the list can be found at Amazon, Lowe’s or Home Depot, but I should tell you, there are no affiliate links in this post. If anyone from Amazon, Lowe’s, Home Depot, DeWALT, Kreg, RYOBI, etc is reading this, have your people talk to my people 😉

Countersink Drill Bits
There’s no comparison between just drilling a screw into wood and pre-drilling with a countersink drill bit. Just screwing into wood crushes the wood fibers and yields an amateur look. Using a countersink bit creates a “seat” for the screw head and yields a clean, professional look.

countersink drill bits

Table Saw
A table saw is great addition to the workshop and gives a lot more flexibility when working with different sizes of wood. If you only work with common 1x material, it’s great to be able to rip the lumber to different widths. For instance you can rip a 1×4 from 3-1/2” to 2-3/4”. Or cut a piece of plywood. A Skil was my first table saw. I had it for more than ten years and made many projects with it.

table saw

Cordless Circular Saw
A circular saw is a handy tool for projects that are too large to cut on a table saw. Projects like cutting plywood, etc. LOVE IT!

circ saw

A router takes a common piece of wood to a professional look by adding a decorative edge. A router can cut dadoes, or slots in wood, plus many more options.


Nail Gun
I haven’t a clue how people build without a nail gun. Have you ever tried to keep two pieces of wood in position while you tap, tap, tap the nail with a hammer only to discover the pieces of wood moved? It’s maddening! With one quick “pop” a nail gun drives the nail right where you want it. I’ve only used a pneumatic nail gun, but this cordless version seems like a great option. Unlike its pneumatic counter part, it doesn’t require an air compressor and an air hose, which saves money and storage space.

nail gun

Forstner Bits
I LOVE Forstner Bits! Unlike spiral drill bits that tear at the wood, Forstner Bits provide a clean, crisp cut. This Harbor Freight set is a great value, but it’s even better with one of their famous 20% off coupons. LOVE IT!

forstner bit set




2 thoughts on “DIY Furniture Builders Ultimate Gift Guide – Part II

  1. Michele says:

    This is great! I’ve been looking into nail guns and routers for xmas so this helps a lot! Also, I was cracking up at the sanding part. I am right there with you. I SO dislike sanding its not even funny! Now I have to put the orbit sander on my xmas list! 🙂 Michele

    • Sanding is the WORST! I wish I could pay someone to do it!!! I’ve looked at that RYOBI nail gun a few times. It seems so much easier than dealing with a compressor and hose. I’d love to hear your review if you get one. Can’t wait to see all of the projects you’ll make with your new goodies 🙂

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