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How to Make a DIY Dog Gate

September 30, 2015 by Scott - Saws on Skates

My pup Coco likes to decorate almost as much as I do. She’s like the Genevieve Gorder of the dog world. The exception is Genevieve decorates with paint and Coco decorates with, um, let’s just say another medium.

For instance if I were to buy a new area rug, Coco seeks it out and “decorates” it! She is selective though. Just about anything that was in the house prior to her adoption primarily hasn’t been worthy of her “decorating efforts”, but anything new is fair game. And handmade crocheted afghans… forget about it! Those feel just like grass, so we must be outside, right?! The real question is, why does she do it? Is she approving my decorating or is she telling me what she really thinks of my style?! I’m going with that she digs my style 😉

how to make a dog gate

The new rug I recently bought for the dining room was no exception. Less than 24 hours in the house and Coco gave it her own special stamp of approval. She normally has the run of the house. The only time she was locked up was when I first adopted her. She was incarcerated in the kitchen with a baby gate. I hate the baby gate. Not because I feel bad about locking her up. After all, the kitchen has everything she needs. The radio I leave on for her while I’m away is in the kitchen. Her water is in the kitchen. And she sleeps in her bed by the back door until I get home anyway. I hate the baby gate because it’s ugly. It marks up the woodwork. And that metal on wood clacking noise when locking it in position drives me to the moon. Clack, clack, clack… ARGH!!!

no gate 2

There’s my little Coco-Bean! She’s looking a little bushy… time for a visit to the salon Coco! Oh, are you lovin’ that wine cabinet in the background? You can make one of your own. Check out the free plans for my DIY Wine Cabinet!

I could do better than a baby gate and this is what I came up with. A simple folding barricade. This design might not work for all pups. Coco is respectful of barriers. If it’s in the way, she doesn’t bother with it. No jumping or scratching for Coco. This “gate” doesn’t lock in place, so if your pup is a jumper, a scratcher or tries to push past gates, this might not be the best option for you.

dog gate in use sos

Sure, I know you can buy these. But I design and build stuff, that’s what I do! Plus, this is a really easy project and doesn’t require a ton of tools. This plan makes one gate with two sections. It works well for a 30″ opening. And the best part is you could easily add another section or adjust the size of the plans if you have a larger opening. It’s totally customizable to your situation. Let’s get started!

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DIY Dog Gate Plan

Printed Plan
Click here to download a PDF of the DIY Dog Gate Plan

(3) 1x3x8
Elmer’s Wood Glue
1-1/4″ pocket screws
Hinges 2″ x 1-3/8″ (I used these from Lowe’s)

Miter Saw
Kreg Jig

dog gate sketch

Step 1. Cut 4 legs to 23-7/8″.
Step 2. Cut 4 rails to 13″ and drill pocket holes in each end.
Step 3. Cut 6 slats to 17-3/8″ and drill pocket holes in each end.

dog gate wood sos

Step 4. Optional: to assist with the alignment of the slats, rip a piece of scrap to 1-3/8″ and cut into 8 pieces.

dog gate spacers sos
Step 5. Layout one gate section (with the pocket holes facing up) according to the diagram above. If you cut the scrap in Step 4, you can use it to evenly space the slats. Apply glue to the ends of the slats and the top/bottom rails, clamp and attach using 1-1/4″ pocket screws. Repeat for the other section.

dog gate assembly sos

dog gate assembly 2 sos

dog gate assembled sos

Step 6. Attach the hinges.

You can finish this any way you like. I chose to paint it because I wanted to fill the pocket holes. I filled the pocket holes with Ready Patch, sanded, primed and painted with Behr “Dark Cavern” in satin.

dog gate primed sos

dog gate painted

dog gate in use sos

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5 thoughts on “How to Make a DIY Dog Gate

  1. […] I was having some trouble with my pocket holes. I love pocket holes but I don’t think I’m doing them correctly. I’m not using pocket hole screws so that’s part of the issue! I got these great plans from sawsonskates.com. […]

  2. […] all like to keep our pets safe and comfortable. The safe part I have covered with my DIY Dog Gate which keeps Coco out of trouble when I’m away. Coco prefers the couch when I’m home, but likes […]

  3. Debi says:

    I had trouble with the 1-1/4″ pocket screws and had to resort to 1-1/2″. All turned out well in the end. Liked it so much, made another one this weekend. (I made both four panels wide). Thank you for the plans. I have my eye on a couple of your other plans. Thanks so much.

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