DIY Wall-Mounted Clamp Rack (Easy & Customizable)

Take control of your clamp chaos. This DIY wall-mounted rack keeps your clamps organized and within reach. Easy build, epic shop organization.

DIY wall-mounted clamp rack with bar, spring and C clamps

Tired of wasting time searching for a misplaced bar clamp or digging through a pile for a spring clamp? Looking for a way to organize your ever-growing collection?

Put an end to your clamp-searching frustration with this easy-to-make DIY clamp rack. This handy wall-mounted organizer boasts shelves and rails to keep your bar clamps, quick clamps, C clamps, and spring clamps neatly organized and within easy reach. Make yours today with this step-by-step plan.

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Inspiration for this Wall-Mounted Clamp Rack

Long before Saws on Skates® became a reality, I searched for the perfect clamp rack, but many plans I found were too big for my small shop. Then, while browsing Wood Magazine, I stumbled on a design that sparked my creativity.

With a few tweaks to suit my shop’s size and storage needs, I built this compact clamp rack that’s become a lifesaver. This handy organizer features shelves and rails, keeping my clamp collection organized and easily accessible.

Hand removing a clamp from a wall-mounted DIY clamp storage rack

What Wood Should You Use?

I chose common pine boards for my clamp rack because they’re relatively affordable and easy to handle in my small workshop.

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Assortment of bar clamps stored on a DIY wall-mounted organizer

What Tools Do You Need?

This wall-mounted clamp rack only requires three basic tools: a drill, pocket hole jig, and miter saw, making it a simple project for almost any do-it-yourselfer.

A right angle drill attachment will also be helpful. Some of the pocket holes can be hard to reach with a traditional driver.

Closeup of bar clamps organized on a DIY clamp rack

Customize Your Clamp Storage Rack

You can adjust this clamp rack’s size and layout to fit your needs by making it taller or shorter, wider or narrower, and even adding or removing sections entirely.

As I mentioned earlier, I built this many years ago, and since then, I’ve discovered I don’t use the four shelves on the right side often. If I were building it today, I would make it narrower by removing that section.

I took my clamp rack to the next level by filling the pocket holes with plugs, priming, and painting it, giving it a polished, store-bought look. But don’t hesitate to keep yours natural if you prefer.

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Looking up at an assortment of woodworking clamps on a DIY wall-mounted rack

How to Make a DIY Wall-Mounted Clamp Rack

Printed Plan

Get the FREE plan here (includes detailed instructions, measurements, and bonus tips)



Step 1. Assemble the Frame

Cut two pieces of wood to length for the top and bottom. Cut five pieces of wood to length for the sides and dividers and drill pocket holes in each end.

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Apply glue to the ends of the sides, position on the top and bottom and clamp. Attach using 1-¼” pocket hole screws.

Sketch showing how to attach the sides to the top and bottom of a DIY clamp rack

I recommend cutting several pieces of scrap wood to length to help position the dividers.

Position the dividers with the scrap wood in between and clamp to the top and bottom. Attach using 1-¼” pocket hole screws.

Diagram showing how to install the dividers in a DIY wall-mounted clamp storage rack

I cut four pieces of wood to length for the braces. Then, I drilled two pocket holes in each edge, approximately 1″ from the ends.

Apply glue to the top of each brace, clamp to the frame, and attach using 1-¼” pocket hole screws.

Sketch showing how to attach the braces to the back of a DIY clamp rack

Step 2. Attach the Rails

Cut two pieces of wood to length for the rails and drill two pocket holes in each end.

Use the diagram in the printed plan to position the rails with the pocket holes facing toward the back and clamp to the dividers. Attach using 1-¼” pocket hole screws.

Diagram demonstrating how to install rails in wall-mounted DIY clamp rack

Step 3. Attach the Shelves

Cut four pieces of wood to length for the shelves and drill pocket holes in each end.

As you did for the dividers, you can cut scrap wood to length to help position the shelves.

Position the shelves, clamp to the dividers, and attach using 1-¼” pocket hole screws.

TIP: I recommend using a right angle drill attachment to drive the pocket hole screws, as the area between the dividers is narrow.

Sketch showing how to install a DIY clamp rack's shelves

That’s it! Now, your rack is ready to organize your clamps.

I recommend drilling holes through the braces (making sure to avoid the pocket hole screws) and attaching the rack to the wall studs using 3” screws.

Front view of a wall-mounted DIY clamp storage rack

Final Thoughts

With a few simple cuts and some screws, your days of frantic clamp-searching will be over. This versatile rack keeps them organized, accessible, and ready to tackle any project. 

Don’t wait. Get your free plan (including the detailed instructions and measurements) now!

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