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DIY Rustic Mod Tablet Holder

December 29, 2015 by Scott - Saws on Skates

Hey there friends! Today I have a super easy project for you. It’s another project I made entirely from scrap wood I had in my workshop. Do you love FREE as much as I do?!

I just got my first tablet on Black Friday. I know, I’m a little late to the tablet party. I couldn’t have been the only person in America without a tablet, right?! I quickly realized once I started using it that I would need some accessories.

A cover would be good (still haven’t found one I like). I would also need some kind of holder. A holder for reading or for when using the tablet for recipes in the kitchen, etc. You know me, I don’t buy, I build, so I searched for some DIY tablet holders. The ones I found seemed a little complicated to make. I bet I could come up with an easy to build holder that was attractive too.

tablet holder promo final 2

I went to my shop, cut a few pieces of scrap wood and put together a prototype. I used it for a week, made some tweaks to the design and came up with this plan. The wood gives it a rustic feel, but the angles and asymmetry give it a modern look.

tablet holder close up

Like I said, I made this from scraps, so it doesn’t require a lot of wood. A word of caution though, the pieces are small, so please be careful when cutting.

tablet holder done 2

DIY Rustic Mod Tablet Holder Plan

Tablet Holder ISO

Printed Plan
Click here to download a PDF of the DIY Rustic Mod Tablet Holder Plan

1×2 – approximately 14″
1×4 – approximately 6″
1-1/4″ finish nails

Miter Saw
Hammer or nail gun

Note: The opening for the tablet is 7/16″. Please check the depth of your tablet and adjust if necessary.

Step 1. Cut Long Bottom. Cut 1×2 to 5-1/2″.

Tablet Holder Long Bottom

Step 2. Cut Short Bottom. Cut 1×2 to 4-7/16″.

Tablet Holder Short Bottom

Step 3. Cut Top Back Brace. On a 1×4 make a mark at 3-7/16″ then cut a 30 degree angle.

Tablet Holder Back Brace

Step 4. Cut Top Front Brace. On a 1×2 make a mark at 1-1/2″ then cut a 30 degree angle.

Tablet Holder Front Brace

We’ll begin assembly now that all of the pieces are cut…

Tablet Holder parts

Step 5. Attach Short Bottom. Place the Top Back Brace on the workbench, so the top  of the brace is facing the workbench and the angle is on the left side. Apply glue to the edge of the brace farthest away from you.

Tablet Holder 1

Place the Short Bottom allowing it to hang off the angled edge of the brace and making sure the other edges are flush with the top brace. Attach using 1-1/4″ nails.

Tablet Holder 2

Step 6. Attach Long Bottom. With the Top Back Brace still on the workbench, apply glue to the edge of the brace closest to you.

Tablet Holder 3

Place the Long Bottom allowing it to hang off the angled edge of the brace and making sure the other edges are flush with the top brace. Attach using 1-1/4″ nails.

Tablet Holder 4

Step 7. Attach Top Front Brace. With the Top Back Brace still on the workbench, apply glue to short side of the top front brace, slide under the Long Bottom making sure the edges are flush with the top brace.

Tablet Holder 5

Attach using 1-1/4″ nails.

Tablet Holder 6

The tablet holder was finished with Ikea Benhandla. I’ve used this this stuff before and decided to give it another shot. I still have a love/hate relationship with it. OK, hate is a bit strong. And for that matter, love is a bit strong. I like it because it quickly and easily changes the color of wood. And I think it works well for accessory and decor pieces like this one. While I haven’t tried it on an actual piece of furniture, it doesn’t seem like it would be the best choice. After applying it, the surface of the wood almost has a “fuzzy” feel. I don’t know about you, but I prefer my furniture not to be fuzzy!

Here’s the best approach to apply the Benhandla, stain or paint.

Tablet Holder Behandla

Start with the underside…

Tablet Holder Behandla 1

Then inside the tablet area…

Tablet Holder Behandla 2

Then the sides…

Tablet Holder Behandla 3

And finish with the top…

Tablet Holder Behandla 9

Tablet Holder Behandla finished


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11 thoughts on “DIY Rustic Mod Tablet Holder

  1. Bob W. says:

    That came out great! Very clever — I am impressed (as always!).

  2. gr8gran67 says:

    I hope I can do it justice, not a woodworker or carpenter but I’ll give it a shot!! lol

  3. Linda says:

    I’m not sure what kind.of tablet you have I have a kindle I made a neat carrier for my tablet out of an old DVD case. I took most of the plastic sleeves I left about 8 in then I sewed a pocket for the tablet on one side and a holder on the other side for a small pair of ear phones. I can tuck it in and zipper the case closed.

  4. Reblogged this on the zen of living smaller and commented:
    A sweet and quick DIY project – especially good for small spaces, and for folks with “leftover” wood scraps! Enjoy!

  5. Ala says:

    Wygląda znakomicie. Pozdrawiam z Polski – Ala

  6. Suzanne says:

    I like the lines of this project and the mental engineering you put into it. Plus, free. Who doesn’t love free?

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