DIY Wine Bar Serves Up Stylish Storage for Bottles and Glasses

This wall-mounted DIY wine bar is a space-saving alternative to a wine cabinet. It’s an attractive display for bottles, glasses, liquor and bar accessories.

This wall-mounted DIY wine bar is a space-saving alternative to a wine cabinet. It's an attractive display for bottles, glasses, liquor and bar accessories.
This DIY wine bar is perfect for displaying wine bottles and wine glasses. It’s a stylish space-saving storage solution for anyone short on space and would make a great gift for the wine lover in your life.

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There’s one thing I know about the Saws on Skates community. You guys LOVE wine! How do I know? Because two of the more popular DIY furniture projects are the wine cabinet and the wine credenza. You guys even pop your cork over this DIY bar cart. So when I teamed up for my second project with BuildSomething and Kreg Jig I knew my project should be wine related. Build Something is Kreg’s DIY project plan site. My first collaboration with BuildSomething and Kreg Jig was this versatile outdoor coffee table with four hidden side tables.

Wall-mounted DIY wine bar

My DIY Wine Bar was inspired by a wall bar I saw at Target. The Target wall bar is no longer available, but that’s not a problem because now you can DIY your own. This DIY version is made with solid wood and nearly identical to the inspiration piece.

Wall-mounted DIY wine bar was inspired by a Targe wall-mounted wall bar rack

The wine bar is a compact design and features storage for four wine bottles and and up to six wine glasses. The wine glasses on the Target Wall Bar load from the front but for my DIY version I choose to have them load from the side. I think this gives the piece a sleeker look while still retaining the rustic feel.

Wall-mounted DIY wine bar - the wine glasses load from the sid

This DIY Wine Bar is also easy to make thanks to the Kreg Jig. You guys probably know by now that I LOVE pocket holes! Nearly all of my DIY furniture projects are built with pocket hole construction. And if that’s not enough I’ve also professed my love for pocket holes with posts like 9 Pocket Hole Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make and my Secret Weapon for Hard-to-Reach Pocket Holes. Most recently I posted Drilling Pocket Holes on Miter Joints Requires Careful Planning. Don’t forget to download my FREE Drilling Pocket Holes on Miter Joints Cheat Cheat when you skate over to that post!

Wall-mounted DIY wine bar is made with a Kreg Jig and pocket hole joinery

There are a few tips I want to share with you that will make building the DIY wine bar even easier. First, some of the pocket holes on this project are hard-to-reach. My secret weapon for hard-to-reach pocket holes is a right angle attachment. The right angle attachment chucks in your drill like any other bit and can be used for just about any difficult to reach pocket hole or screw.

Wall-mounted DIY wine bar some pocket holes are hard-to-reach and require a right angle attachment

Second, sand the parts as you build. It’s sooo much easier to sand these small parts prior to assembly than it is to sand when it’s totally assembled. By the way, I never use a palm sander for my DIY furniture projects I always use a random orbit sander instead. Also, slightly round over the edges of the back pieces using sandpaper. Have you ever built a panel and just couldn’t get it flat? It’s so frustrating, right? Sometimes the boards are different thicknesses. Sometimes the boards are bowed. No matter how much you sand you just can’t get the panel flat. Rounding over the edges turns different thickness boards or bowed boards from a flaw into a design element and makes your furniture projects look more professional. I also slightly rounded over the edges of the bottle holder assemblies.

Wall-mounted DIY wine bar - rounding over the edges of the back boards give the piece a professional look

Third, I would recommend disassembling the DIY wine bar prior to staining and finishing. It will make your life sooo much easier! To prep my DIY furniture projects for finishing I usually fill any holes with my DIY wood filler. I didn’t have any holes that needed filling on this project, so I skipped this step moved on to applying a tea stain. After the tea stain was dry I lightly sanded with 220 grit sandpaper and applied a coat of my favorite wood stain – Dark Walnut Rustoleum Ultimate Wood Stain. I think this color is a pretty close match to the inspiration piece.

Wall-mounted DIY wine bar was stained using Rustoleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Dark Walnut

I usually top coat my projects with three applications of my DIY finish for wood, but I recently added a paint sprayer to my tool arsenal. I don’t usually use polyurethane but wanted to try spraying poly with the paint sprayer and I’m so glad I did. Spraying poly was sooo easy and the finish looks like it came from a furniture factory! Check out how to spray polyurethane here. Want to learn more about paint sprayers? Check out my 9 Paint Sprayer Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make post and while you’re there download my FREE Paint Mixing Cheat Sheet!

Wall-mounted DIY wine bar was finished by spraying the piece with polyurethane

DIY Wine Bar Plan

Are you ready to make your own DIY wine bar? Then please head over to BuildSomething where I’m sharing the easy to follow step by step instructions for this attractive piece. When you’re there please give the plans a “like”- thank you!

Thank you for stopping by to check out my DIY wine bar. If you like this project, would you please pin it to Pinterest so other DIYers like you can find it? I’d really appreciate it! Thank you – Scott


      1. I’m surprised at the quality finish from plain pine, but also quite pleased. This way if I mess up, I can easily replace parts. Look forward to the project.


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