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6 thoughts on “PROJECTS

  1. joan says:

    Nice job on your website. just finished my dog gate…great instructions. Thank u. 🙂

  2. Mary In Minnesota says:

    Hello Scott… My kitchen has “itty bitty” pieces of counter spaces. A few feet on each side of the sink and also on each side of the stove, and none of them are big enough to roll out cookie dough, or anything else. I need help on building a kitchen island that can join up next to the counter, making a “L” shape, with the island being the “long” part of the “L”. .wish I knew how to invert the “L” here, maybe…this? _____ the dotted section below is what I am referring to.
    The island needs to be on wheels, and the bottom of it needs to be up off of the floor so as to stand above a “wall furnace duct.” I would also like to have side shelves on one side to hold a blender, toaster, and a Kitchenaid mixer, or have them inside cabinet doors on a shelf or shelves.(brain just said put them inside on a shelf as it would probably be easier to build them having open side shelves, right?) I can saw, hammer, screw, with no problems, what I can not do is make a slot for sliding doors, but hinged doors I can do. I do not want tiles on the top of the island, as rolling out dough would be a problem, and I’m not sure about a wood top, as every wood cutting board I’ve had ends up looking horrendous with the knife cuts in them, so I’ve been thinking about giving Home Depot measurements to cut a cheap counter top for me. (any ideas on counter tops are welcome, just not those I’ve mentioned). I suspect that I would have to have some wood braces to hold up a counter top?

    26″ long
    18″ wide
    34 13/16″ height
    6″ for bottom of island to be above wall heat register

    I am dreading this years Holiday cookie and candy baking again, and every family and friend member sort of expects this as I’ve baked for all of them for nearly 40 years… yes, I’m an old one, but this past summer I actually sheet rocked my entire dining room, and no one believes that I did it with only a helper to hold up the sheet rock while I screwed in the nails.

    If you would give me plans, or dare I say it, build this and then give me the plans for it, I’d forever be in your debt… and it would be the only Christmas and New Year Gift I would receive from any one…. yes, even my grown children and grandchildren do not give me gifts… to them, all I need is a phone call wishing me a happy Christmas, and yes, every year I cry a bit…. no, I cry a lot and so does my check book from the gifts I send them. If this sounds sort of selfish, well, it is, but I cry every year regardless. So now that you know my sad Holiday story, can you help me?

    Sincerely, Mary In Minnesota
    PS… It is taking me forever to hit the post comment, but I’m going to do it, yes I am!

    • Scott - Saws on Skates says:

      Thank you for stopping by Mary! You sound like quite the DIYer from sheet rocking to cookies… you do it all! Let me kick around some ideas for you and see what I come up with. In the meantime, the first thing I thought of was my DIY folding workbench. Sure, it doesn’t have wheels, but it does fold neatly away when not in use and you can customize it to the size you need. Plus, you could get a sheet of laminate from Home Depot to cover the top, so it would be safe for your cookies.Take a look at the plans and see if that might work until we come up with another solution.

  3. Brad Boyes says:

    The flip-top cart is just what I am looking for. I don’t know how much plywood costs where you are but in Canada it is far cheaper to use 2x material. G1S plywood is about $50 – $60. A 2 x 4 is $3.50.

    • Scott - Saws on Skates says:

      Plywood does sound pricier in Canada. Please share some pics when you make the flip-top cart. I’d love to see them and share them on the Saws on Skates Facebook page!

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